Electric vehicles gain increasing traction with Vancouverites

Car-sharing has become a trend that offers more people the chance to go green


Reported by Cameron Thomson

A growing number of second-hand electric cars, and car-sharing options, give young people a chance to ditch diesel and gas.

The electric vehicle (EV) market is seeing the emergence of smaller, more affordable models than those offered by Tesla, such as the Vancouver made SOLO.  Owning an electric vehicle outright, however, is still a larger investment than many young adults can afford.

Matthew Klippenstein, a local correspondent for Green Car Reports produces an annual EV sales report which showed that the number of used vehicles imported to Canada was around 550 last year, double the number of the previous year.

Klippenstein told The Voice in an email that while younger car buyers are more likely to buy used EVs, overall car-sharing is trending more than car ownership.

Vancouver Electric Car Association member Morgan Maryk said that car-share fleets in Vancouver could make the change from hybrids to EVs,

“Switching more car-sharing cars into electric cars to make them more accessible to everybody would be a way to get more people behind the wheel of an electric car,” he said.

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