Double your chances at rolling up for Tim Horton’s 50th anniversary

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Tim Hortons have issued a bonus roll. Photo by Karly Blats
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Tim Hortons have issued a bonus roll. Photo by Karly Blats

The Roll Up the Rim to Win promotion at Tim Hortons has not attracted more students than normal to the already busy coffee shop on campus.

This year marks Tim Hortons’ 50th anniversary. The restaurant is celebrating by doubling the chances to win on their roll-up cups, rather than the original single roll. However, although chances may be doubled only one win per cup is possible.

Campus Tim Hortons is ‘always busy’

In the early stages the chain’s annual promotion, campus employee Kiran Johal, said she hasn’t noticed a drastic change in the amount of customers coming through to get their daily caffeine.

“We’re always busy,” said Johal. She also added that there hasn’t been any major wins yet, “just some coffee and donuts.”

Across the campus at Starbucks, the baristas agreed their number of patron’s hasn’t gone down.

Christine Ho has worked at the campus Starbucks for four years. , She said she hasn’t noticed a decrease in customers since Roll Up the Rim to Win started and that “every day is busy.”

Tim Hortons first began Roll Up the Rim to Win in 1986 when the largest prize was a snack pack of Timbits.

Deland Jessop, instructor in Langara’s school of management, said the promotion isn’t likely to create a major boost in sales for the restaurant but is probably kept going to keep customers happy.

“There’s very few marketing events where it becomes so engrained in the customers mind,” said Jessop. “If all of a sudden they stop doing it, it might irk some customers.”

Langara students have their loyalties

Sticking to routine plays a big part in many Langara students’ coffee shop choices.

Computer science student Jimmy Li said he drinks Tim Hortons coffee regardless of possibly winning a car.

Syeed Rafid, an arts and science student, said he’s not persuaded by Tim Hortons promotion and remains consistent with his coffee choice.

“I’m a Starbucks guy,” he said.

Business management student Steve Iverson disagrees.

“I always drink Tim Hortons but I come more often now that it’s Roll Up the Rim.” said Iverson.

Additional to in-store contests, Tim Hortons is also holding an online game called Rockin’ RRRoll Up Roulette, offering 10,000 more prizes on their website.

Reported by Karly Blats

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