‘Disney on Ice’-style figure skating show at Kerrisdale rink helps build teamwork

The event was the first skate carnival held in 17 years by the Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club


Reported by Violetta Kryak

The Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club hosted its first carnival in 17 years on Saturday, March 11, at Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena to celebrate the end of winter.

The carnival, named Around the World, told stories from nations all over the planet and featured 32 performances by the club skaters.

Carnival an initiative of new coaches

The carnival was proposed by the club’s new coaches, who were willing to organize it as well, said Margot Delorme, the club’s president.

“In the past, none of our coaches wanted to do it because it’s such a big job,” said Delorme. “It’s a showcase of our skaters and a fun time for the kids and something they will remember for the rest of their life we hope.”

Shannon and Nikolai Balabardin are new coaches to the club, who have been featured skaters in Disney on Ice for many years and know all the right steps of putting an ice show together.

“It can build membership of the skating club and it’s really good for the skaters who are in the club already, because it promotes teamwork as well, as skating is mostly an individual sport,” said skating director and coach Shannon Balabardin.

Audrey Larke, a member of the Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club. Photo Violetta Kryak

Audrey Larke, a skater at the club for nine years said the carnival brings a different spirit to the club.

“We used to do club competitions, where we compete against each other, but now we are doing a show where we all work together and help each other instead. It’s a happier time,” said Larke.

The audience mainly consisted of family members of the young skaters, who said a carnival was a good idea.

“It’s an opportunity for them to show what they’ve learned throughout the year and how they’ve developed,” said Craig Munro, who came to see his daughter’s performance in the carnival.

The carnival marked the end of winter season for the skaters, as they will now be moving to the Hillcrest Rink to practice their spring season routines.

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