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Court date set for LSU v. Duke’s

Students often go to the LSU Building to have lunch as an alternative to the campus cafeteria.  Photo by Lauren Collins.
Students often go to the LSU Building to have lunch as an alternative to the campus cafeteria.
Photo by Lauren Collins.

A trial date has been set for the lawsuit between the owners of Duke’s Gourmet Cookies & Cappuccino and the Langara Students’ Union.

The court date is set for Oct. 14, 2014 at the Vancouver Robson Square courthouse for a civil claim between Dae Kyu and Myung Sook Kim, Duke’s owners, and the LSU.

Duke’s owners feel confident in their case

Marcus Kim, the son of the plaintiffs and former manager of Duke’s, said he’s never experienced a lawsuit or trial so far, but feels confident about the situation.

“We have never been involved in a lawsuit before but I think we are managing the situation well so far,” said Marcus in an email.

Duke’s is suing the LSU for a tenancy interruption and loss of revenue in December 2007 during the construction of the new building and for failure to renew their lease in August 2013.

Read more details on the lawsuit  here.

“The Plaintiffs have suffered, and will continue to suffer, damages,” according to a legal document from September 2013.

LSU media representative Ed Hensley said, “There is an ongoing lawsuit with Duke’s, but because the matter is before the courts we can’t comment further,” but would not elaborate on any details of the trial.

Marcus seemed sure of the outcome of the lawsuit being in his family’s favour.

“Our lawyers, Robert Cooper and Joelle Walker are very experienced lawyers, and they are very confident about this case,” said Marcus.

Pre-trial procedures starting soon

Marcus also said little is going on with the trial right now, but that the examination for discovery, an important pre-trail measure for civil court cases, will be starting soon.

“There are still some steps to be taken before the trial such as examination for discovery, but given that the trial is in October it looks like that is not going to happen anytime soon,” said Marcus.

Duke’s had been in the Students’ Union Building for several years before being told to leave by the LSU in June 2013.

The location is now run by Lollipop Moment.


Reported by Lauren Collins

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