Art created with salt, coffee and golden sparkles

An art collection of digital prints is now being displayed at Langara College


By Anita Zhu

Buying golden sparkles at a dollar store, Langara student Seraphine Louis created a unique, ephemeral figure drawing for a one-of-a-kind fine arts project.

Her project for Introduction to Drawing II — which teaches students to think about different ways to draw using unconventional materials such as sand, paprika, coffee, make-up and other powder products — is now being displayed in ground floor A Building.

Louis, a first-year student, said this class encouraged students to break away from the sometimes-rigid ways of school and helped ease nervousness about her studies.

“I feel like a kid again. I really like the element of childishness,” said Louis, who chose sparkles partly because they had a 3D element to them. “It’s just really fun, really campy.”

Students created figure drawings by sprinkling various powders without using any king of glue or adhesive. They were asked to think about drawing not only in terms of shape and line or marks on a surface, but to also look at interdisciplinary possibilities of drawing in relationship to sculptures or even photography.

Elizabeth Milton, a fine arts instructor who teaches the course, said the class gets students thinking about the relationship between material, subject and meaning.

“What happens when we are articulating a subject with glitter?” Milton said. “How does that change the meaning of it?”

The students’ projects, which were then turned into digital prints, will be displayed this week.

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Isaac George-Hotchkiss, a Langara theatre student who was looking at the displays, was drawn by one particular chalk piece by student Trinity Boyd.

“It adds grit and dimension to the piece,” George-Hotchkiss said. “If it was too organized, it would not have as much emotion as this does.”

Adriana Oceguera Sierra, another student in the class, created her portrait with salt.

“We were supposed to work with human figures but because I live alone, I actually had to work watching myself in the mirror, and it is really fun,” Adriana said. “What I learned from it is … you can actually use different kind of textures and materials to do a good drawing.


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