2019 Federal Election – Vancouver Quadra


2019 Federal Election - Vancouver Quadra

Conservative PartyLiberal PartyNew Democratic PartyGreen PartyPeople's Party of Canada

Kathleen Dixon

“Conservatives will support our economy so that hard-working students will graduate and be able to get high paying jobs in their fields.”

Joyce Murray

“Your voice matters. In 2015, high youth-voter turnout helped us elect Canada’s most progressive government in Canada’s history… we have increased student grants and made it easier to pay back student loans. Don’t miss your opportunity to have a say.”

Leigh Kenny

“Young Canadians are filled with creativity and ingenuity… entrepreneurism is bringing in new products and industry especially in emerging green technology.”

Geoff Wright

“We need to move away from a hydro-carbon economy and switch to sustainable energy… we expect to reduce hydro-carbon emissions and CO2 emissions by 60% from the 2005 levels.”

Sandra Filosof-Schipper

“The most important aspect is individual freedom… it will ensure prosperity, scientific solutions on saving our planet and getting people out of poverty.”

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