2019 Federal Election – Vancouver Granville


2019 Federal Election - Vancouver Granville

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Zach Segal

“My main focus is making sure life is more affordable so that people can get ahead, not just get by.”

Taleeb Noormohamed

“Over the last four years, the Liberal government has taken decisive action on climate change, on housing, and on ensuring that young Canadians have the same opportunities as their parents. We need to keep that momentum going.”

Yvonne Hanson

“Get out and join protests, join rallies, join groups, volunteer on campaigns. Young people, get involved with politics.”

Louise Boutin

“The climate is the biggest issue for youth. We need to change how we are living. Young people are already starting to change the way they commute: they are taking buses, riding bicycles, walking. They understand that we have to change.”

Naomi Chocyk

“Our immigration policy can benefit Canadians only if we welcome the right kind of immigrants. It should prioritize Canada’s economic interests and be calibrated in a way that does not jeopardize Canadian values.”

Jody Wilson-Raybould

“The high cost of living in Vancouver has made it difficult for professionals, especially young professionals, to stay in the area and work when they have completed their education.”
“Politicians of all stripes in all countries are being accussed of failing young people and youths are starting to understand our betrayal. For our collective lack of action we are being told, 'how dare you'. None of us are immune to this criticism.”

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