With Thousands More Students Visiting the Langara College Library, Space is Limited

According to a new report, almost 40,000 more students visited the library in the 2017 summer and fall semesters


Reported by William Crosby

A lack of library space is a growing issue on campus and students have started to feel the pinch.

More library goers

With an influx of almost 40,000 more students visiting the library during the summer and fall semesters than the same period last year, those who want to study are finding themselves competing for desk space, seats, computer terminals and other resources.

According to a new Langara College report, there were 470,831 visitors that used the library in the summer and fall semesters compared to last year. As a result, queries skyrocketed, with staff answering a whopping 10,000 more questions than the previous year.

Not enough room

Simran Bola, a computer science student who frequents the library, said this increase has made it very difficult for her to find study space during peak hours.

“Sometimes it’s too busy and you can’t find a place to sit,” Bola said.

Dwayne Doornbosch, the director of facilities at Langara, said study space is in high demand on campus, due to an increase in enrolment.

Ryan Vernon, the coordinator of technical services at Langara’s library, said to The Voice that the opening of the new Building T has also caused more traffic in the library.

Vernon said they were able to measure the increase of students visiting the library through the electronic gates at the entrance.

What’s next

In a joint effort between the library and campus, Vernon said, the library has already implemented a plan to expand the amount of study space.

“The library has already increased its overall capacity by creating more silent study areas. It now has 899 total seats compared to 784 seats which is what it used to have.”

“We are currently working on a new campus master plan, which will identify new buildings that will include more space for collaboration, social activities and study.” Doornbosch said.

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