Winter learning curve

International students learn to adjust to Vancouver winter


By Hannah Rowena Mondiwa

Tuesday’s snowfall was the first time many international students had seen snow, bringing feelings of both excitement and apprehension.

According to a snowfall warning issued by Environment Canada, Vancouver was expected to receive up to 15 centimetres of snow overnight. Many students reported feelings of excitement about seeing their first snowfall. 

Harshpreet Uppal, an international science student from India, said he has never seen this much snow before. We are seeing snow [for] the first time,” Uppal said. 

Not all students are equally excited. Some were nervous about commuting. 

“You have to wait for the buses, standing at the stations and it’s hard, it’s cold,” said Gurleen Kaur, a science student from India. 

Jagroop Singh, a business management student and construction worker from India, said working during the cold temperatures is challenging. 

“Overall, it’s good to see [snow] from when we are enjoying from our balcony or somewhere else … but seeing from the work overview it was hard at that time.” 

Langara facilities personnel will see their workloads change as a result of the snowfall. Facilities says it is prepared for the snowfall.

Jaguer Javier, from engineering, said he is on alert for any requests that will come through to ensure the continued operation of heaters in the college. “We make sure it all works,” he said. 

Some students are well-prepared for the inclement weather. 

“I live here with my relatives and they help me and tell me the clothings you need,” said international student Sachi Singh. “Like you need a warm jacket, snow boots, and a warm cap and gloves and all that stuff.” 

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