Weak season for women’s basketball

Second year student Jolissa Cross- ley on defence at Douglas College. Photo by Chris Slater.
Second year student Jolissa Crossley on defence at Douglas College. Photo by Chris Slater.

The Langara Falcons women’s basketball team ended a disappointing season with another loss to the Douglas College Royals in New Westminster on Friday.

Having won only six of 21 games, the female Falcons have had a difficult time securing wins this season.

Decision-making needs work

Coach Mike Evans said the team’s inability to win games comes down to his team needing stronger offence and decision-making abilities on the court.

“Decision-making is a big one. We are a good defensive team but we really struggle to support the basketball and that’s hurt us a lot, especially in recent games. We’ve also had a couple of injuries (this season),” said Evans.

Evans was pleased with the team’s effort at Friday’s game, but admitted the opposing Royals had greater drive than the Falcons.

“We didn’t seem to have as much energy as the other team had today, I think that was the big difference.  We played well defensively in spots, then we gave up shots in (other) spots,” he said.

High energy, despite injuries

Despite Friday’s defeat, energy on the court was still high among the Falcons, with forward Karen Li and guard Toni Li working particularly hard to keep the ball in the opposing court.

“ I think we have really good energy,” said Toni Li. “A lot of our players are injured, we’ve been fighting through together.”

Giving some perspective on the women’s team, men’s head coach Paul Eberhardt said the biggest difference between the men and the women comes down to experience.

“The men are an older team, the women are young, mostly first- and second-year players. We’ve got a lot of fourth-year guys and having that experience makes all the difference.”

For the women, Friday’s defeat marks the end of the season.  The 2014-15 season begins again next fall.

Reported by Chris Slater

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