Voice Radio Ep.35 – Vancouver still lacks childcare that works

parents struggle to find affordable, accessible childcare


By Daniel Johnston, Joyce Liew and Rigo Bacaltos

The lack of accessible and affordable childcare is taking a toll on Vancouver’s parents, its childcare providers, and the municipal government.

Parents say they’re struggling to make ends meet while finding childcare, forcing some to quit their jobs to better align with tight childcare hours.

Providers feel unsupported, and they say that governments have more to do for the industry’s needs to be met.

And the provincial and municipal governments says they’re trying, but both acknowledge more could be done. 

All of this while ABC Vancouver has taken control of civic government in Vancouver, with promises to build 5,000 more spaces for childcare in Vancouver, which some say is over-ambitious. 

In this episode of the Langara Voice Radio, reporters Joyce Liew and Rico Bacaltos, along with host Daniel Johnston, explore the woes of parents, the struggles of workers, and the realities of government’s commitment to improve the situation. 

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