Voice Radio Ep. 26 – Future of community in a post-pandemic society and the Hub’s latest initiative

The state of race relations in Vancouver and college engagement at Langara


Produced by Catherine Mwitta, Jan Bevilacqua, Alex Antrobus


In this semester’s special edition and last episode of the Voice Radio, The Voice will be discussing inter-race communications in Vancouver, social recourse post-pandemic and the Hub’s attempts to cultivate community at Langara.

Catherine Mwitta speaks to Langara College students about their difficulties cultivating relationships, in regards to the condition of inter-personal connections in 2021. Reporter Jan Bevilacqua talks to Surrey – Green Timbers NDP MLA Rachna Singh and Resilience BC: Anti-Racism Network, on which resources Asian Canadians can reach out to when facing racism. Lastly, reporter Alex Antrobus interviews Langara’s the Hub about its recent initiative to build social connections amongst students at the college.

Vancouver Police Department 2020 report on hate crimes in British Columbia.

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