VOICE PODCAST 07: Fake news, declining audiences and Trump’s media


Produced by Clare Hennig and technical producer Sean Hitrec

On this week’s edition of The Voice podcast, we look at where people get their news from, reputable sources of information versus fake news and why this all matters.

We talk to students at Langara to find out their go to outlets for information. A survey by Statistics Canada found that only a third of Canadians between the ages of 15 and 35 read the news daily and most people only look at one online source. Is this true in our community?

We also hear from Langara instructors Lealle Ruhl and Stephen Phillips about why news is important and how to find reputable sources for information.

The topics that come up in this week’s podcast were inspired by the Issues and Ideas section in The Voice this week. We invited editor Bonnie Lee La Madeleine to come talk about the theme of her section and what take-aways there are in her stories about truth in journalism, propaganda and confirmation bias.

Check out The Voice podcast below to find out more.

Music courtesy of Bensound

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