Students part of scientific Applied Research Day put in the hours and effort

On March 23, students will be able to display their research projects, some of which have been years in the making


By Mateo Muego

Students involved in the annual Applied Research Day say it takes a lot of time management and commitment to conduct scientific research.

Keegan Schmit, a bioinformatics student and an applied research centre (ARC) project assistant manager, said projects involved in the annual event are time-consuming.

“In terms of the amount of hours that I put into it and thinking time… it’s a part-time job,” said Schmit

Research day approaching

Langara College’s Applied Research Day, an event where students showcase their research projects, will return for the fourth year on March 23. 

The Langara ARC funds collaborative projects involving students, instructors, community members and volunteers that will be shown to the public.

Schmit and his team have worked on their project for over a year and are creating a database to gather more information about pollination.  

In preparation for Applied Research Day, Schmit has to help his team present all of the data and science behind the project in a comprehensive way. 

Schmit’s roles in the project include organizing volunteers, creating the database, writing reports and scheduling. 

Exhausting but rewarding work

Although there is a lot of work involved in the projects, chemistry instructor Todd Stuckless, said students gain the necessary skills for their field.

“What we teach here at Langara, even in our introductory courses, is really the bread and butter of scientific research. It helps them get more experience,”

Kelly Sveinson, the director for the ARC, said some projects have been going on for five years. 

He said the instructors are intrigued to see the projects come to fruition.

“In particular, we were really interested in having the students who worked on projects demonstrate what they learned, and overall just build that community of applied researchers at the college,” said Sveinson.

Sveinson said after the centre’s faculty ascertains the community’s needs, they build a team of instructors and students who have the expertise and passion to work on projects.

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