LSU events leave students wanting more

“Everyone, mostly at Langara just go to class and go home. So yeah, I think it would help [to have events]”.



Compared to the student union at Douglas College, the Langara Students’ Union lags behind in promoting its events to students on social media and on campus.  

Langara and Douglas College, based in New Westminster, have roughly similar student populations and teaching missions. For the fall 2023 semester, Langara College has nearly 14,200 students and Douglas College has close to 17,000 students. 

The LSU spent $104,677 on campus life and events from May 1, 2022, to April 30, 2023, according to its 2023 financial statement. The Douglas Students’ Union at Douglas College spent $257,260 on campus life, services and events for its last listed year of 2022.  

Throughout the last year, the LSU has advertised one event on Instagram through a static post. These do not include story posts which disappear after 24 hours. In contrast, the Douglas Students’ Union has posted 18 static posts marketing its events. 

Douglas students interviewed by the Voice say they are kept informed by the promotional efforts. 

Over at Douglas College

Hosna Hadef, a third-year associate of arts student at Douglas College, said she likes how the Douglas Students’ Union advertises its events. 

“I like how they’re not solely promoting it on Instagram, although like lots of students now are on Instagram, but they also make sure that they’re promoting it around the campus [on posters]. So, people who aren’t on Instagram they can talk about it,” Hadef said. 

Hadef said she notices student union events happening on a weekly basis around campus. 

“I see lots of announcements, like [I] get announcements on Blackboard sometimes,” Hadef said, referring to the college’s online platform. 

Here at Langara

At Langara, second-term Studio 58 student Carys Watts said she misses many LSU events as they are not all advertised to students. 

“​​I always just randomly see events going on. It’s never advertised, at least down in the basement, because that’s the only place I am,” Watts said. 

Watts said she attended an LSU dog therapy event last spring during finals. “It was a really long line, but there were puppies, and that was really nice.” 

​​Sebastian Armani, a Langara criminology student, also said he never hears about LSU events. He said student events can be important to establishing a community and would bring more excitement into school. 

Armani said these events would help “do something outside of just coming here and being miserable.” 

What the student unions say 

Harvey Polino, director of campus life for the Douglas Students’ Union, said building a community is important for colleges. 

 “I think one of the biggest things we try to do is build communities out here, and events are so the things that you want to connect with everyone,” Polino said. 

In an email response to the Voice, the LSU said it has held many events over the course of the year despite its website listing only three events. However, the LSU did not provide a list or exact number of events, and said it did not keep any records. The union said it has events planned every month for the remainder of the year.  

The LSU said it always posts about its events on social media despite some students claiming they don’t see the LSU use social media.  

“We always post 24-hour stories on social media for events. Some events have a special post as the budget may allow for us to serve 300-500 students, and some are catered for a smaller group, and the free food and swag is first come, first serve,” the LSU email said. 

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