Students can fix their bikes as the LSU repair shop reopens

Removal of the “under construction” sign happened on March 1



The Langara Students’ Union bike repair shop is open again after months of uncertainty about its status.

For the last two semesters, Langara’s bike commuters have been unable to conduct bike repairs or pump their tires at the Langara Students’ Union bike repair shop, a facility paid for with student fees.

The previously shuttered bike shop is located beside The Union Café in the LSU building.

Confusion swirled amidst communication

The repair shop has been effectively out of commission for many months due to a water leak, according to the LSU, and a “under construction” sign was taped on the door. For a brief time earlier this semester, students could ask the LSU front desk for the key to access the shop’s basic tools and a non-functioning air pump.

The sign was taken off on March 1.

The LSU said the college was responsible for fixing the water leak. 

“Once the college fixes the leak the space is available to use by signing in at the LSU reception,” the LSU said in an email statement to the Voice.

But the college says it was never informed about a leak in the shop. 

“We can’t find any records, there was nothing recent,” said Pierre Poncelet, facilities project manager.

Facilities investigated the shop following questions from the Voice

“There was nothing there,” Poncelet said. 

“I can’t say that I know the intricacies of the LSU, but I haven’t seen anything to say there was a leak or if there’s any reason why it’s closed.”

Laura Wall, a third-year nursing student who bikes to school every day, said she’s never accessed the shop.

“Every time I’ve been there, it seems like it’s closed,” Wall said, adding that “it feels like I never see anybody going in there.”

According to Wall, the confusion surrounding the shop stems from a lack of promotion from the LSU.

“I knew that there was a bike repair shop, but I think that they could even just have little workshops outside or something that would be helpful just to promote it,” said Wall.

Other college options show promise

At UBC, the Bike Kitchen operates a consistent, fully equipped bike repair service, free to anyone with a bike.

“You come to us, we look at your bike, we tell you what’s going on with it, we make a plan together and then we put the tools in your hands,” Alex Alvarez, manager of UBC’s Bike Kitchen.

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