Retired engineer converts his gas powered car to electric

Terry Moore takes green initiatives to a new level by 'Frankensteining' his sports car.


By Claire Wilson

As large car manufacturers like Ford and General Motors are making pledges to produce only electric vehicles in the coming years, Terry Moore is tackling the project in his own garage. 

After retiring as an engineer, he decided to convert his 2000 Porsche into an electric vehicle. 

Instead of being powered by gas, it will be powered by a 2015 Tesla electric motor. 

“I feel that I am actually ‘Frankensteining’ it for a lack of a better term,” Moore said. 

Alan Inglis, who lives next door, is also a retired engineer and helps Moore with some of the electrical intricacies of converting his car. 

Tesla charging plug inserted in a home-made charging port made by Terry Moore.
Terry Moore manufactured his own charging system for his Porsche. Photo: Terry Moore.

The project will need lithium-ion batteries which have been called into question due to their environmental impact. 

However, according to Ulrich von Sacken, a lithium-ion consultant, they have a 10-year life which allows vehicle manufacturers to develop proper disposal and recycling methods. 

He believes the key to a more eco-friendly approach is to push for legislation that guides the use of these batteries. 

“It is the best thing available right now,” von Sacken said.

Watch the full video above to learn more about how Moore is converting his vehicle and the batteries he uses 

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