Positions for Langara Men’s Soccer Team Limited

Tensions between new and returning players are high as they compete for a spot on the team.


Reported by Agazy Mengesha

This coming Sunday, an exhibition game against Thompson Rivers University will be held as a tryout for the final spots.

But with over half of the players from last season’s team trying out again, not as many new players will be joining the team.

Marc Rizzardo, head coach for over 30 years, said while returning players are not guaranteed a position on the team, they have a better chance because he has already worked with them and knows how they play.

However, Rizzardo said he is always looking for new players.

“Certain players are invited to come play with us and other players are just what we call walk-ons. They’ll contact me, they’re new to the country or new to the school,” Rizzardo said. “So there’s a combination.”

No guarantees for returning players

Joey Ratcliffe, a returning player for the Langara Falcons, attended the tryouts and training camps so he could secure his position.

“You hope that as a player that’s been on the team previously that you’ve earned your spot for the following year, but there’s always the option you get cut,” he said.

Vlad Prystay was on the Falcons’ team last year, but was unable to try out for this season due to a broken ankle.

“I actually saw a lot of competition between all of the new players,” said Prystay about his experience in past years. He said that not many new players make it through to the team, so stakes between them are high, creating tension.



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