VOICE PODCAST 01: Top stories from Oct. 13 edition of The Voice


Produced by Brian Kurokawa

On this week’s edition of The Voice podcast, Melanie Green and Sean Hitrec sit down with Scott Forbes to discuss their stories that appeared in the October 13 edition.

Sean’s article entitled “Camera’s rolling, no one watching” is about the security cameras around campus. The Voice had reported last year that the cameras weren’t working and hadn’t been since they were first installed. Sean’s reporting found out the camera’s are now operational, but are not being monitored.

On the podcast, Sean talks about how he went about trying to get information about the cameras from school administration, and the reaction students had to finding out the cameras are working, but no one is monitoring them.

Melanie’s story entitled “South Van students staying put” is about two South Van schools that were potentially on the chopping block, but were saved in an Oct. 3 meeting that Melanie attended.

On the podcast Melanie talks about the excitement of covering a breaking news event, and shares a story of trying to track down parents to interview at one of the schools in South Vancouver.

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