Podcast: Blankets and beyond, helping the homeless in Vancouver

Marking the 10 year anniversary of Blanket B.C.'s annual drive, we look into how Vancouverites can help the homeless population survive the winter months


Produced by Nick Laba

On a winter night 13 years ago, Gregory Ould asked a man on the street what he could do to help. The man, who looked cold, said he could use a blanket to survive the night. Ould brought him one. Since then, his organization has brought over 400,000 donated blankets to local shelters.

A blanket can keep a person warm for the night, but doesn’t solve Vancouver’s homelessness epidemic.

Reporter Nick Laba speaks to Blanket BC founder Gregory Ould; First United Church shelter manager George Flett; and Homelessness Services Association of BC executive director Celine Mauboules, to find ways to spread the warmth to our neighbours who need it most.

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