Excavation work reduces staff parking at Langara

Dirt, heavy equipment and construction fencing blocks more than 30 staff parking spots


By Jessica A. Froud

Piles of concrete and soil are the newest addition to Langara’s staff parking lot.

A notice sent to staff by the college’s facilities department said that contractors have been hired to remove an old oil tank from campus grounds.  The project will last 10 days from March 3 – 13.  Staff were reminded to drive carefully, especially near the construction zone.

In an email statement to the Langara Voice, Lorimer Shenher, Langara’s manager, safety, security & emergency management said that this type of oil tank removal is very common in Vancouver.  They were in place before newer energy sources started being used.

The oil will be taken to a recycling center.


Worker directing heavy equipment operator on Langara’s staff parking lot. Photo by Max Leckie








Heavy equipment parked on Langara’s staff parking lot. Photo by Jessica Froud





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