New Langara basketball coaches bring new approaches

Men's coach steps up, women's coach steps in


By Melbah Grace Jacob

The new coach for the Langara Falcons women’s basketball team wants to find new ways to motivate the players.

Cameron MacGillivary said he wants to build an environment where the players understand what’s expected of them.

“I think we are a team that doesn’t have as much height as other teams in the league,” MacGillivary said. “We have to have more heart and I think we have the people on the team that can do that.”

Who is Cameron MacGillivary?

MacGillivary was named head coach of the women’s team in July. Before coaching the Falcons, MacGillivary worked as lead assistant coach at Capilano University, and has experience as a head coach in high school basketball.

Julia Sprott, player for the women’s team, said she’s excited to have a new coach. “It’s like a new fresh perspective, and just really helping with us technically, with all around team concepts, and then individual skills,” she said.

Jasmine Sidhu, who’s new to the women’s team, is hoping to create a reputation for the women’s side of sport at Langara.

“We are working really hard individually and as a team to come together,” Sidhu said. “I hope to build a culture … I cannot wait to create memories with everyone.”

And for the men …

The men’s team is also going into the season with a new coach.

In May, it was announced that Joey Dhillon would step in as head coach for the men’s team while Paul Eberhardt, head coach of the team since 2012, will be taking a yearlong sabbatical.

“We’ve always played fast, we’re continuing to play fast this year,” Dhillon said, who started coaching at Langara in 2018. Before joining the Falcons, Dhillon coached on the high school level, and with Basketball BC’s provincial teams.

The men’s team can play offensively with confidence, but there are plans to round out the team’s ability. “Over the course of the year, we’re hoping to progress and get better defensively, and if we do, by the time the playoffs come around, we’ll be very happy with where we are,” Dhillon said.

Jas Dhudwal, who’s been playing on the men’s team for three years, says he is excited about the energy the new coaches bring because they are younger.

“With Joey it is a bit more free, he gives us more responsibilities which is a good and bad thing at the same time,” Dhudwal said.

The women’s and men’s teams have both lost the first two games of their seasons. Last season, the men’s team won bronze at the PACWEST championship, while the women failed to finish on the podium.

VIDEO: Reporter Melbah Grace Jacob interviews the new coaches and players of Langara Falcons men’s and women’s basketball teams, about the changes of play-style and the upcoming season.

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