LSU files statement of defense against Duke’s allegations

THe LSU responds to Duke's allegations.
The LSU’s response to Duke’s allegations. Photo by Tyler Hooper

The Langara Students’ Union (LSU) has filed a response to an alleged breach of lease agreement by Duke’s Gourmet Cookies & Cappuccino.

The response, dated Oct. 17, refutes allegations made by Duke’s suggesting that the LSU violated a lease agreement between the two parties.

During this past September, Duke’s filed a lawsuit claiming the LSU owes compensation for the period it was out of business, during the construction of the Students’ Union Building, from January 2008 until August 2009.

They are also seeking relief because they claim the LSU “negligently” misrepresented the terms of the lease.

However, the response filed by the LSU said that the plaintiffs agreed to the interruption and accepted compensation for the interruptions in accordance with the terms a renewal of lease agreement.

What did both parties have to say?

Ben Edelstein, the LSU media representative, told the Voice he had no comment because the dispute is before the courts.

Similarly, Marcus Kim, former manager of Duke’s and son of the plaintiffs, told the Voice he couldn’t say much, but did say Duke’s did not receive any monetary compensation from the LSU during the building of the SUB.

The documents also claim that the renewal agreement made between the two parties in January 2008 said the plaintiffs could occupy Duke’s from Aug. 1, 2009 until their tenancy expired on Aug. 15, 2013.

The LSU’s response said that the renewal clause made no promise or guarantee that the lease would be renewed after its expiry in August.

Duke’s will be missed

Kamran Izadpanah, a Langara economics instructor, said Duke’s “quality was good and they were very nice.”

He said that he was a morning regular at Duke’s and commented on their good service and hard working staff.

Former owners Dae Kyu Kim and Myung Sook Kim had managed Duke’s since 2003.

Lollipop Moment now operates out of Duke’s former location.

Reported by Tyler Hooper

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    All these years later the LSU is still up to no good. City councils aren’t even this…..sprurious. Now, only if you had an LSU president who smoked crack.

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