Looking for a job? Try shadowing first


LBAReady to work? The Langara Business Association is holding a job shadow event next month for students who are interested.

The Mar. 21 event features successful Langara alumni who will return to the campus to mentor students in their careers. Two students will be paired up with an alumnus and both students will take on their mentor’s profession for two hours so they can get personal work experience and advice.

Get a taste for a workplace

“We want students to be paired up with alumni for a couple of hours during the work day to get a chance to know what the workforce is like,” said Justin Lai, Langara alumnus and executive advisor for the LBA.

Lai said the event is a great opportunity for all students pursuing the job market.

“We’re open to all students regardless to what program you’re in,” he said. “What we want to do is to foster a sense of community and provide students with opportunities to develop their skills and learn to take it to the business world.”

LBA helping students make the transition

While the event is still in its planning stages, LBA co-president Emma Leigha Munro said that she hopes to cast 60 alumni as mentors.

“It should be successful and hopefully many professional connections will be made,” said Munro.

Earlier this month, the LBA hosted other events to help students get hired. A workshop called “The Art of Suiting Up” was designed to help students dress appropriately for an interview. The “How To Get Hired” workshop helped students strengthen their resume writing and interview presentation skills, while another workshop taught students how to improve their LinkedIn profiles.

Reported by Edrick Dudang

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