Langara’s energy monitoring initiative overlooked by students and faculty

Political science students Amy Widmer, left, and Rose Cooper, right, beside Langara’s new energy sustainability display. Photo by Tyler Hooper

In the wake of Langara’s new green initiatives some smaller  services are becoming neglected – like Langara’s energy monitoring program.

Last January, Langara introduced a Belkin energy monitoring device to the library that students and faculty could take home to measure their energy usage and costs. According to library staff member Glenda McClean the monitor was then removed in July for reasons that were unclear.

Two more devices added to energy monitoring initiative

Since the Voice’s inquiry into the matter, building operations manager Patricia Baker has put two more devices in the library for another year, stating that the devices are “sort of” there for indefinite usage.

Baker said although the devices aren’t necessarily top priority, they’re still important for promoting responsible energy usage. The device is currently part of the energy sustainability display in the foyer of A building.

Langara students unaware 

Political science student Amy Widmer said she was unaware of the library’s new hardware, “Not even a little bit, no, no idea.”

“I think I might use it, just to monitor how much electricity I actually use,” said Widmer.

Energy monitoring device barely used

McClean said she thinks she may have signed out the device once between January and July.

“These [devices] are available for students and staff to start to understand their energy usage,” said Baker. “People have to take responsibility for their energy usage.”

Some on campus believe the device could be useful and is a positive step towards curving personal energy usage. “Everyone should do what they can to lower their foot print,” said Bradley Hughes, an instructor at Langara and environmental enthusiast. “Anything that gets people thinking about these things is good.”

Measures carbon dioxide, energy consumption and cost

The Belkin monitoring device measures the amount of carbon dioxide produced, electricity consumed and the cost of charging electronics such as cell phones. The device is meant to help people track their energy footprint while saving money in the process. The device has a modern design, similar to the most modern smart phones and tablets, making it easy to use.

Reported by: Tyler Hooper

hooper bot photo
Langara’s energy monitoring device. Photo by Tyler Hooper

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