Langara Students’ Union building welcomes new cafe


Powell Sung, manager of Lollipop Moment, is excited to be providing Langara students and faculty with his bubble tea refreshments and isn’t worried about competition from other vendors on campus.

Previously Duke’s Gourmet Cookies & Cappuccino inhabited the location in the Langara Students’ Union (LSU), but over this past summer Sung won over LSU board members who agreed to lease him the space.

Manager Powell Sung stands in front of Lollipop Moment
Manager Powell Sung stands in front of Lollipop Moment
Photo by: Tyler Hooper


“I didn’t think I had a chance of getting it, I know everyone would want to come in here,” Sung said. “I really appreciate the student union building giving us the chance here.”

Sung commented it’s hard to compete with big names like Starbucks Coffee Company, and instead he is looking at different markets by providing friendly and affordable service.  “If a Starbucks opens near you, don’t think you can beat them, that’s impossible,” Sung said.

Instead, Sung said he wants to bring the “quality of the French restaurants and the speed of McDonald’s,” providing a balance between delicacy and efficient service.

Currently, Lollipop Moment is offering seasonal pumpkin pie, but Sung said he doesn’t plan on introducing too many seasonal products this year.

“Starbucks might have 10,12 different drinks for that season, maybe that will happen next year,” Sung said. For the time being he wants to ensure his employees learn and understand his existing products.

“He’s really great, he’s really helpful because in my past experience even though I work in a bubble tea place I never got a chance to make bubble tea or coffee,” Betty Chiang, a part-time employee, said of Sung. “I’ve really learned a lot from him.”

Students also seem to be enjoying many of the products offered by Sung.

“I usually get the banana bread,” Cherie Lau said, a first-year design formation student. Adding she enjoys bubble tea, particularly the honey green tea with pearls.

Reported by Tyler Hooper

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  1. Coffee Lover says

    Powell Sung seems like a really nice guy and I want to like Lollipop Moment but his lattes are not only more expensive than Duke’s were, but more expensive than at nearly every other coffee shop in the city. I’ve taken to buying my coffee near my house before I come to campus. The food isn’t any good either. Duke had amazing little pizzas that I really miss. What can I say, the LSU screwed up (and refused to listen to the student body that they represent!) when they kicked out Duke’s. Does anyone know if the lady who ran Duke’s is planning on opening up her shop somewhere else? She was seriously awesome. I hope she is able to recover from her mistreatment by the LSU. I also hope that Lollipop Moment is able to sort out their menu and find some food items that are actually tasty.

  2. Tyler Hooper says

    I really appreciate the comment Coffee Lover. I’m actually doing an article partially on why Duke’s isn’t around anymore. Care to talk about your experiences with Duke’s? Feel free to send me an e-mail at

    Hope to hear from you!

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