Healthy eating initiative for staff launches at Langara

Food for Thought
Students and staff getting food at Chartwells at Langara on March 10, 2014.
Photo by Lauren Collins.

Langara College’s wellness promotion committee is holding its third initiative for healthy eating among staff from now until April 11.

For the next four weeks, the year-old committee is partnering with the Canadian Cancer Society’s WellnessFits program to promote healthy eating with its ‘Food for Thought’ campaign. WellnessFits helps employees to achieve healthy lifestyles.

Melia Goertzen, the administrative coordinator for the office of the dean of student services, and Kristen Wilson, the administrative coordinator in human resources, have been the co-chairwomen of the committee since August 2013.

Langara is a long-time promoter of healthy choices

“Langara has been supporting the well-being of our employees for many years,” Goertzen said in an email.

This past summer, the committee offered a six-week physical fitness challenge and in the fall, there was a four-week healthy minds challenge.

“I do believe that we have made steps in enhancing the overall awareness of well-being amongst our staff members,” Wilson said in an email.

For this challenge, week one is about eating more fruits and vegetables; week two is about choosing high-fibre foods; week three is about dairy and dairy alternatives; week four is about proteins; week five is about rethinking your drink; and week six is about limiting processed foods.

Know your food and make educated choices

Chartwells is working with the committee to promote healthier options. Chartwells has a ‘Balanced Choices Board’ to show healthy foods to try like avocados and yogurt and which fats are good for you.

“I don’t think many folks are aware of all the nutritional choices available — people just think of burgers and fries, but Chartwells has a ‘Balanced Choices Board’ display next to salad station that helps staff and students alike make healthy food choices,” Goertzen said.

“We have created signs for [Chartwells] to place around their areas, and they are working on creating menus that coincide with each week’s focus for this initiative,” Wilson said.

Reported by Lauren Collins 

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