Langara Falcons men’s basketball team supports their star forward’s development

Grant Galbraith stands tall at 6'9 and is a key asset to the success of the team


Reported by Trevor Nault

Langara Falcons men’s basketball team’s tallest forward, Grant Galbraith has grown in more ways than just in height.

The Vancouver native started his basketball career in high school before accepting a scholarship to play for the University of Alberta Golden Bears. Galbraith’s coach and teammates say his biggest area of growth over the years is his mental game.

“He knows who he is, and he knows what he can do and he really plays to those strengths,” the Falcons’ head coach, Paul Eberhardt said. “You’d be surprised how unique that is to have that as a trait.”

Teammate Timothy Choi supports Eberhardt’s comments

Timothy Choi would know better than anyone. This season marks his third year playing along side Galbraith.

“I think he’s a lot stronger mentally,” Choi said. “A lot of things used to get in his head really quickly, but this year he’s doing a lot better with that.”

With a win and a loss under their belts, the team’s home opener on Nov. 16 will break the tie. Eberhardt said he is grateful for Galbraith’s return to Vancouver.

“Grant is a really important role for us because when we need to get something near the hoop, he’s the inside, he’s our go-to guy every time,” Eberhardt said.

As likely as anybody to make the finals: Galbraith

The Falcon’s host Columbia Bible College on Nov. 16 and Quest University in Squamish on Nov. 17.

Galbraith attributes the likelihood of a successful season to the quality of the rest of his team and said he believes the Falcons have as good a chance at making finals as anybody.

“I think we have a great group of guys,” Galbraith said. “I’m confident in myself and I’m confident in everyone around me and hopefully we can make this year memorable and win a championship like we’re hoping to.”


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