Langara can’t commit to student housing just yet

Barriers regarding on student accommadation lies ahead for the college


By Danauca Dory

The demand for student housing at Langara is being explored as a part of the 2025 Strategic Plan. The steps to get there are more complicated than students think.

The plan, which is currently in its draft state, is an outline for how the college intends to grow over the next five years. One of these goals is to plan on and off campus housing for students.

Viktor Sokha, vice president of Administration and Finance at Langara, said while options are being explored to bring student housing to campus in the future, it is still early to have a concrete plan.

“We recognize that housing affordability is a challenging issue in Metro Vancouver,” Sokha said in an emailed statement to The Voice, “We are also evaluating the feasibility of other potential housing supports for students in the future, with a range of possible partners, but it is early in that process.”

Jenelle Davies, national executive representative for the B.C. Federation of Students, said providing housing on campuses may be more complicated than students realize, as student housing doesn’t fall under the B.C. Residential Tenancy Act.

“Students aren’t actually covered under the tenancy agreements, because you’re not considered a renter,” Davies said. “You’re sort of at the whim of what the institution is doing for housing at that point in time.”

One factor listed in the plan is Langara’s plan is to consult with Musqueam, as the college sits on Musqueam territory.

An estimated 23,000 students attend Langara annually.

Nursing student Tahlia Velay-Mah said she knows housing on campus won’t happen any time soon, but thinks it will be a promising option for students.

“There’s gonna be a lot of red tape to get through. But I think that it would be beneficial long- term to kind of get the ball rolling”

Other factors being considered in Langara’s plan include consulting with the City of Vancouver and other potential partners.

According to the plan, the college is aiming to have a feasibility assessment complete by 2025. 

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