Intramurals offer an outlet for Langara students

Intramural soccer action at Langara
Intramural soccer action at Langara

While some students are wolfing down three-dollar burgers on their breaks, other students can be found having a blast in the gym playing a variety of sports.

The gym is open from 10:30 a.m. to 1:20 p.m. Monday to Thursday for basketball, soccer, or volleyball depending on the day. Badminton is offered all day on Friday.

Competitive and fun games

Facilities assistant for intramural sports and fourth-year international business student, Jade Arignon said there’s room for players at any skill level.

“Yesterday we had volleyball, there was a competitive court and a non-competitive court, and we just throw some music on. The idea is that you just come and relax and have a good time, not that you are intimidated or scared off,” she said.

Microbiology student Jazmin Flores played volleyball in high school, and now plays in the intramurals. She said the atmosphere is perfect for beginners. “We don’t keep score, we just volley back and forth, there’s no pressure,” she said.

Though the atmosphere in the gym during Wednesday’s volleyball session was calm, Thursday’s soccer game was a bit more rowdy. Creative writing student and Langara Falcon Katarina Tomic was the only girl in the game.

“It’s open to everyone, but I mean it’s pretty competitive, like with the people you play with, they really get serious,” said Tomic, who’s been playing soccer since she was two.

Alfred Lee comes to school in his gym clothes, ready to play basketball and volleyball. Lee is in his first year of kinesiology and health sciences.

Everyone is welcome

He agrees the atmosphere is great for anyone who wants to join in. “Some are like high school all-stars that just drop in for fun. Some haven’t played the sport before in their life. It’s all really fun because nobody argues and its all in a competitive nature but everyone knows at the end of the day it’s just fun,” said Lee.

“Join intramurals, it’s probably my favourite thing about college so far,” he added.

The gym has lockers available for rent and showers are free to use. The weekly schedule can be found online and is posted outside the gym doors.

Reported by Ash Kelly

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