In-person romance harder than it seems in an online world

As online dating grows, people are becoming less comfortable making romantic connections in person


Reported by Myra Dionne

Swiping left or right is easy. Asking someone out in person remains a challenge.

With so many apps and websites to simplify the dating process, offline interactions can still begin a relationship but it’s becoming more difficult for the general population.

The reason why is because physical and verbal cues are difficult to read, according to Gagun Chhina, a sociology teacher at Langara College.

“Verbal communication is minor and the other information is more significant so it makes the interaction very problematic in that you’re reading cues all the time,” he said, though acknowledged that “going and being in a live venue…it’s much more difficult to meet people.”

Love on campus

Langara College students Varinder Chopra and Navjeet Kaur began their relationship in person after meeting through friends on campus.

“We just met at the college since we came here to Canada,” Kaur said.

“She was sitting with her friend circle and from that circle, I knew just one girl,” Chopra said. “After seven or eight months, we started talking.”

Jennifer Ngo, a single student at Langara who has dated using apps and offline, acknowledges that dating is harder in person.

“In this day and age, in society, I feel like it’s very hard for people to get out and try to date. Especially in this city, I feel like a lot of people are very reserved.”

Chhina said that in the future, the demographic of people using dating apps will grow with age.

“You’re always interacting with people offline,” Chhina said. “As long as you have interactions with people, then that potential to ask out somebody or have a partner still exists.”


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