Importance of sports awards differs by brand, says athlete

Canadian College awards are ignored by recruiters


Reported by Chelsea Liu

College athletes say it takes more than awards to propel them into a future career in sports.

Langara Falcons soccer player Giulia Repole said college awards are a result of a player’s hard work and dedication, but career-wise, “It’s good to have, but it doesn’t do much.”

College awards are more valuable

In her time playing for the women’s soccer team, Repole has won the Theresa Henson sports scholarship, the Langara Outstanding Female Athlete Award and the PacWest League All Star Award. She has also been recognised as an All-Canadian athlete.

According to Repole, awards given by universities or well-known institutions are more valuable. Repole said a majority of soccer recruiters haven’t even heard about awards given by Canadian colleges.

“UBC coaches haven’t even heard of the League All Star Awards,” she said.

Point of awards

Ryan Watters, communications coordinator for PacWest, said awards are given to recognize ability, not to guarantee success.

He said scouts aren’t motivated to go to games based on awards.

“Award winners are looked at a little bit more depending on what the award is. It’s more hearsay and word of mouth—successes that the coaches tell the recruiters,” Watters said.

Simon Rolston, assistant coach for the Metro Women’s Soccer League, said that some of his players have a background in college sports.

Some of them have awards, but he said the awards aren’t relevant towards the recruitment of his players.


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