Got the munchies? A new pizza parlour will let you get high and eat pizza

A new pizza parlour at 646 Kingsway is using a special ingredient: marijuana.

Mega Ill provides medically licensed patrons with a place to smoke pot and eat whole-wheat pizza.

Co-founder and president Mike Klokeid was inspired to open the business after using marijuana once he  was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Also the owner of the  iMedikate marijuana dispensary at 6128 Fraser St. Klokeid sends his patients to Mega Ill to use their pot in peace and comfort.

Good pizza, even better ventilation

The building’s decor has not changed significantly since it was purchased and converted into a restaurant, but huge metal ventilation pipes serve to funnel out the fumes.

“We thought it was important to have good ventilation for our customers,” Klokeid said.

The black walls and dark atmosphere serve to relax users, he added.

Patrons declined to speak to The Voice.

Pizza with a twist

Mike Klokied, co-founder and president of Mega Ill at 646 Kingsway, opened the pizzeria for medically liscenced pot users after he was diagnosed with diabetes.

Klokeid described the eclectic menu as having “some international flavours, some traditional with a twist.”

He said hemp hearts are key to healthy pizza, with the shelled seeds recently entering the mainstream and being available at stores like Costco.

The pizzas themselves can also be infused with cannabis using a special baking process.

Expanding quickly

In the six weeks since their opening, Mega Ill have catered to busy crowds, Klokeid said.

“People are coming back and bringing their family and friends.”

Klokied said they are targeting aggressive expansion in the next five years, hoping for 15 locations in Western Canada and the US.

Employee Jesse Sindayen said that Mega Ill is a “cool place” while at his new job, showing up early to prepare fresh pizzas.

The restaurant is open 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. with a minimum entry age of 18.

Reported by Jeremy Matthews

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