Langara Falcons point guard gets approval from Metta World Peace

Brody Greig, point guard, for the Langara Falcons basketball team. Photo by Mike Hodder.
Brody Greig, point guard, for the Langara Falcons basketball team. Photo by Mike Hodder.

It’s not hard to see why point guard Brody Greig and the Langara Falcons are the number one men’s college basketball team in Canada.

Falcons’ head coach Paul Eberhardt said Greig, voted PacWest player of the week earlier this month, caught the eye of New York Knicks forward Metta World Peace in an off-season scrimmage match at a Richmond high school.

“We did some workouts with Metta last summer,” said Eberhardt. “After the first game the first comment he made was, ‘Who is that guy? He can really play.’”

You don’t have to take World Peace’s word for it, Greig’s record speaks for itself. “He’s number one for assists. No one’s even close to him, but he’s also in the top 10 for both scoring and rebounds and for a point guard that’s pretty rare,” said Eberhardt. “He just thrives in the up-tempo system that we run. He’s so talented at fast-pace basketball.”

The Falcons are averaging more than 100 points a game, dominating the 2013-14 season, earning the team a 13-1 record. Known for their fast-paced offence, they’re also shutting down their opponents left, right and centre.

Greig says this is due to Eberhardt’s defensive strategy of, “score more points than the other team.” The Falcons took home two back-to-back road wins last weekend against Camosun and league rivals, Vancouver Island University.

With the playoffs on the horizon, all eyes are on Langara to win the PacWest championship, something Greig believes is going to happen.

“We can score. We’ve got eight or nine guys that can really score the ball,” said Greig. “If we keep playing good defense I think we can make that happen.”

Reported by Mike Hodder

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