Conservatives appoint woman deputy leader

Experts say this could be an attempt to make the party more moderate


Reported by Joe Ayres

Leona Alleslev, a former Liberal Member of Parliament, has been announced as the new deputy leader of the Conservative party, making her the second current woman deputy leader after recently appointed deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland.

The Conservative Party of Canada unveiled their newest leadership council this morning at 10:00 a.m., naming Alleslav as the new deputy party leader. Alleslav crossed the floor last year to the Conservative side leaving some to wonder if party leader, Andrew Scheer, is trying to push the party in a more moderate direction.

A more moderate direction

Paul Prosperi, board member for the political science department of Langara, said referring to Alleslav’s appointment, “maybe that signals an intention by Scheer and by the conservative party to project a more moderate image.”

Alleslev is the MP for the Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill riding in the greater Toronto area. In the press conference where her position was announced Scheer noted the diversity of the riding Alleslev represents.

After losing the federal election to the Liberal party there have been calls from Conservative party members for Scheer to step down as the leader of the party. In a question period of the press conference, Scheer said, “that is an unfortunate part of the Conservative tradition in this country.”

Big names in party leadership

Experts have asked if this unveiling of new leaders is an attempt of party leader Scheer to hold onto his leadership role. There continues to be debate within the conservative party on Scheer’s role as leader. He will need to defend his role as party leader in April at the Conservative Party national convention.

Prosperi said, “he is trying to surround himself with a number of well known Conservative MPs.”

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