B.C. to expect more foreign family doctors

New plan allows more Internationally trained doctors to meet demands


By Kalvin Moses

B.C. is expanding the number of internationally educated doctors allowed to practice in B.C., in order to meet the demand of the province’s shortage of family doctors

International doctors are coming

A practice assessment program to test doctors’ readiness will be tripling the number of assessments available in B.C. by March 2024 according to an announcement on Sunday by the Ministry of Health. The program allows internationally educated family doctors to be licensed to work in B.C.

“The provincial government is making it easier for more U.S. and international trained family doctors to come to British Columbia and practice,” Dr. Ramneek Dosanjh, president of Doctors of BC, formerly known as B.C. Medical Association, said in a press released on Nov. 27.

The changes planned by the provincial government include helping international medical graduates to find a pathway to licensing and allow more U.S. trained doctors to practice medicine in B.C.

More family doctors for B.C.

Students and other B.C. residents have faced a shortage of family doctors.

“Walk in clinics have you do the entire quick check before consultations,” said Andre Aaron, a UBC student who does not have a family doctor in B.C. “This is usually avoided by having a family doctor who keeps a file with all your information.”

He said he plans to sign up a doctor as soon as he gets his permanent residency.

“If the new program that B.C. is implementing means further access to more family doctors, this really is a good thing,” Aaron said.

He said that it will perhaps shorten the waiting period for citizens as more new doctors aim to grow their potential patient list.

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