‘Langara Confessions’ Facebook page causing a stir among students online

Langara student looking at the 'Langara Confessions' Facebook page.
Langara student looking at the ‘Langara Confessions’ Facebook page.

“Inbox us your most heartfelt, disgusting, hilarious, filthy and embarrassing confessions from Langara!”

That is what the new “Langara Confessions” Facebook page reads. The page asks individuals to send their “confessions” via private message to the page administrator, who then posts them anonymously for other students to view, like, share or comment on.

What do students think about the page?

Science student Alisa Nakamura first visited the page in mid-October after a friend messaged her about it on Facebook.

“I didn’t consider writing in [the page], but I would if I had something to say,” said Nakamura, who says privacy issues are not a problem to her. “Langara’s really big, so I don’t think [the moderator] would know who I am. Even then, it wouldn’t really matter. It’s just good entertainment.”

The concept is similar to that of other university and college confession pages, including those for UBC, SFU and Kwantlen.

Already more than 450 people have liked the page since its creation on Oct. 6.

The Voice spoke with one of the two moderators of the page, who wanted to remain anonymous

“We both started this page because we wanted Langara students to be equal to university students,” said the moderator. “We wanted Langara students to feel they can be just as cool as the university kids.”

Popular topics to arise include bathroom etiquette, a “hot” security guard, irritating classmates, classroom crushes and a lack of respect for silent study areas.

But don’t believe everything you read — not every post is a legitimate confession.

“Thomas Soon, I love you so much, I can’t wait till you finish at [Langara] so we can be together at SFU,” reads confession number 56.

The mini love letter is actually a joke between Langara computer science student Vahag Petrosian and SFU student Thomas Soon.

“I knew my friend was getting back at me, so I just played it off.  It’s all in good fun,” said Soon.

One of Soon’s concerns about the page is that confessions aren’t truly anonymous because they must be submitted to the administrator using a Facebook account.

“The person behind Langara Confessions is literally untraceable and knows all your deepest, darkest secrets,” said Soon. “You should never post things that are too personal, because pages can be run by many admins.”

‘Spotted at Langara’

A secondary “Spotted at Langara” Facebook page was created on Oct. 10 for students to post pictures and captions of others on campus who they think are cute, annoying or interesting.

Reported by Tricia Lo

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