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Opinion: Why not just be a little vegan?


By Austin Everett

Eliminating animal products from your eating habits could be the single most effective way to reduce your environmental impact, a recent research said.

Veganism is growing in popularity, according to a 2018 Dalhousie University research survey that showed 850,000 Canadians self-identify as vegan. Sixty-three per cent of those vegans are under 38.

And that number is likely to grow.

Particularly for young people, we live and breath climate crisis, which will affect all our lives moving forward. While we should be critical of the environmental impact for which our food is responsible, how much sacrifice is too much? Should everyone go vegan?

Personally, no, but consuming less animal byproducts is a positive step moving forward.

We need the vitamins and proteins we get from eating meats. Although vegans can get the protein necessary for human health, in some cases they have to almost double the amounts of their food intake to match the protein and nourishment you get in meat and its byproducts.

That’s a lot of food, so why not still eat meat but just less?

An Oxford University study done in 2019 uncovered that while only 18 per cent of our general caloric intake and 37 per cent of our protein consumption is provided by meats and dairy, its production alone uses 83 per cent of farmland. This farmland produces 60 per cent of the agricultural industry greenhouse gas emissions.


Guess that’s why the Brazilian president burnt down parts of the amazon?

So vegans, you are the people who are taking a stand against this. You are activists who raise awareness to all of us meat eaters that we should be more critical about the food we put in our bodies.

So for you non vegans out there, in the end, how hard do you want to work, and how much you love our planet are the questions you need to ask yourself before you bite into that 20 oz. ribeye.

Just saying.

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