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The downsides of binge drinking on Halloween

Column by Ashley Legassic.
Column by Ashley Legassic.

On Halloween you could find most people within the college-age range loading on face paint to perfect their horror look, followed shortly by the nearest liquor store to pick up a bottle of whisky. But why?

We find it perfectly acceptable to get drunk with our friends in ridiculous-looking costumes and not remember most of the events that happened the previous night.

It’s all right though, because it’s Halloween. I don’t know why this is the one night of the year where I don’t feel guilty about blowing what little money I have at the bar and on clothes and materials for my super trendy DIY Pinterest costume.

Not only is there the issue with money, but it’s not like you feel great about yourself the next day either.

Staying in bed until 2 p.m. and getting out of bed only to answer the door for your pizza guy doesn’t sound as appealing as actually getting stuff done.

The typical ‘reward’ for a Halloween evening out is an empty bank account, a massive headache and having to ask everyone you were with what you guys did and if you had fun.

When it comes down to it, it’s just not worth it.

I’m not preaching here, and I’m not saying I’m innocent.

I’m also guilty of binge drinking on Halloween, and I’m embarrassed to say so because there is literally nothing in it for me.

It’s easy enough to get caught up in the exciting feeling that’s being passed around through the night.

It’s almost the same feeling that kids get when they go trick-or-treating and they’re racing each other to each house to see who can get the most candy.

The energy that’s around on Halloween is similar to that of New Year’s Eve and going away parties. It’s an exciting event and people want to celebrate it.

That being said, wearing cat ears and whiskers for one night doesn’t exactly give you the right to slam back shots like it’s your day job.

There’s a difference between having some beers with your friends at a bar or Halloween party, and drinking for the sole purpose of getting hammered, so why do we find it so hard to define that line?

If you’re going out this Halloween and you’re wanting to drink, do yourself a favour: wear last year’s costume, have a couple of drinks, and have the ability to be productive the next day.

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