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VIDEO: Take a look at Langara’s new greenhouse

Some of the Vancouver native plants kept in the cooler side of the greenhouse. Veronnica MacKillop photo.

Reported by Jenna Tytgat and Veronnica MacKillop

A new greenhouse at Langara College provides opportunities for experiments and research.

The Science and Technology Building at Langara College opened this past September. The building includes a greenhouse that is used by Department of Biology faculty to experiment with new projects. The rows of plants are grown for biology students to use as research.

There is a warmer side of the greenhouse that is home for desert plants such as cacti and succulents, and a cooler side for native plants such as ferns and fruit trees.  

Diana Wong is the main caretaker of the plants in the greenhouse, along with a SWAP student who works with the biology department. Students do not have access to the greenhouse, but many of the plants are brought down to biology classes for student use.

Wong hopes that in the near future, the greenhouse will be able to grow more plants that the biology students need, as they currently have to buy them.

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