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Video: Movember moustaches bring awareness with novelty

Langara Cancer Connection volunteers gave away 2000 free razors on Oct. 30. SANDY POWLIK photo

Reported by Sandy Powlik

November is here and so is Movember. The month-long facial-hair-growing event symbolizes robust health and masculinity. Originally a prostate cancer awareness campaign, some question if today’s trend is more about fun.

According to The Movember Foundation, “Movember, through the power of the moustache, has become a truly global movement that is changing the face of men’s health.”

Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, executive director of the B.C. Men’s Resource Centre, wonders whether Movember gets the most bang for its buck.

“We should talk about the full range of men’s health, and not only what’s usually in mainstream media – meaning, prostate cancer,” Arthur-Wong said.

Men are more likely to have problems with other prostate diseases, enlarged prostates and erection problems, argued Arthur-Wong, “We don’t hear about these or depression in men or domestic violence against men,” he said.

For Langara Cancer Connection co-founder Pourya Eslami, Movember is more about cancer. “It’s combined with fun and I think it’s a good thing,” Eslami said, “I think people are more attracted to know more.”

On Oct. 30, LCC volunteers gave away 2000 razors in Langara’s Building A, encouraging “One Last Shave Before Movember.” Kinesiology students, Edward Leung and Nima Azarang agreed Movember matters.

“I think people do it for a variety of reasons,” Leung said, “Whether you do it for fun or you support it, either way, it helps bring awareness.”

Azarang said Movember is about bringing awareness to men’s problems. “It shouldn’t be narrowed to prostate cancer. There are other kinds of issues that men go through that are not as [well] known. There are social issues,” he said.

Perhaps Arthur-Wong’s prescribed “shift in attitudes and thinking” about men’s health has begun. Now in its 12th year, Movember is growing strong.

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Video made by Megan Bobetsis and David La Riviere

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