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Video: Hip-Hop Yoga hits south Vancouver


Reported by Kera Skocylas

A new yoga class coming to South Vancouver might appeal to those who consider yoga boring, but like hip-hop music.

Yoga instructor Tee Krispil will be teaching a series of four classes at Balance Yoga Studio on Main Street starting Nov. 23.

Tee Krispil is a yoga instructor who teaches hip-hop yoga at Balance Yoga Studio (photo Kera Skocylas)

05-hiphopyoga-legstretch She said Hip-Hop yoga has all the benefits of traditional yoga, but includes upbeat music, such as Lauryn Hill and Nas.

“Everyone should practice yoga in some form or another,” Krispil said. “Even the smallest yogic efforts can make a huge difference in the way you live.”

Lori Lucas, one of the Langara College yoga certificate instructors, said when she teaches yoga her classes are quiet and me05-hiphopyoga-zen2ditative.

Lucas said she is not a fan of hip-hop music herself, but if it encourages more people to practice yoga she can see it working.

“If it gets someone out to yoga, more power to them,” she said.

Krispil said even though there is hip-hop music playing during the class, she begins each one in a very relaxing and traditional manner.

Relax and stretch it out to your favourite hip-hop songs, with Tee Krispil at hip-hop yoga (photo Kera Skocylas)

“I open all my classes with meditation and breathing exercises to calm the nervous system and bring the awareness inwards, and I keep a tone of inward focus throughout the whole practice,” Krispil said.

Krispil said her classes are suitable for all skill levels, and to wear whatever is comfortable.

“I give plenty of modifications and options to the class, so everyone can enjoy,” she said.

Tasha Cheong, a Langara student in the social service worker program, said Hip-Hop yoga is great for people who like upbeat music.

“Whoever decides to go to the yoga class is obviously going to like hip-hop music or else they wouldn’t be going,” Cheong said.

Krispil said by incorporating hip-hop music in her classes she wants to reach a market of people who wouldn’t typically be interested in yoga.

“Hip-hop music makes you think and yoga makes you feel,” she said.

Krispil performs an example of a hip-hop yoga routine. Filmed by Kera Skocylas and edited by Renee Sutton.

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