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Video: Fall Fashion on campus


Reported by Mel Edgar

Voice editors Renee and Madelyn asks Langara for their fashion “dos”… and with the help of editor David, demonstrates some “don’ts”.

Is orange really the new black? Is faux fur a faux pas? Is your grandmother’s chunky-knit sweater too chunky?

If you want to look good when you hit the books this fall, here are a few quick tips from fellow Langara students:

  1. Get Cozy

Joylin Northey, a first year student in library and information technology likes warm, “funky colours, like pumpkin orange, squash yellow or deep wine red.” Northey also recommends personalizing your outfits, laughing about the sequined moustaches on her boots. “They’re my hipster addition, but I’m not a hipster.”

  1. Think Chunky

Oversized chunky wool sweaters turtlenecks are in this fall, says Erin Johnson, floor manager of Aritzia in Oakridge Mall.

  1. Be Practical

Sarvin Sanmei, a recent transfer to communications and marketing, recommends practicality and chooses outfits based on comfort. Sanmei likes to think ahead, borrowing her mother’s Burberry boots, in case of rain.

  1. Wrap it Up

Big scarves are also in, says Johnson, “huge knit, blanket scarves, that wrap around your shoulders and everything.” Sanmei models this style with flare.

  1. Be Yourself

Rozilin Hardy, first year fine arts student, rocks a faux fur onesie. Donning eye makeup and glitter for her photo. Hardy describes her preference for, “non-coherent, do-it yourself styles that are constantly changing.”

“I do what I feel like,” says Hardy, who did state working on her sculpture project in that particular outfit can be a bit warm.

  1. Friend of Faux

Onesie or not, faux fur is back this year. Selwa Dahab, first year marketing management student should know, she’s also a sales associate at Aritzia at Oakridge Mall. Dahab notes that Aritzia is currently carrying several faux fur items, and they, “never have that much fur.” Dahab models the current fashion for faux in a sherpa wool vest.

What you wear makes a statement about who you are. But whatever your fall fashion choices, don’t forget to have fun.



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