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Video: Air hockey is the new stress ball

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Computer science student Shivdeep Singh (left), said the game lowers stress. (Kera Skocylas)

Reported by: Kera Skocylas:

Students love the new air hockey table in the Langara Students’ Union building.

Air hockey isn’t all that’s new

After adding table tennis and foosball tables at the beginning of this semester the LSU has added an air hockey table, along with more music. Students have reported decreased stress and stronger bonds with their peers.

“The air hockey table is really a stress reliever,” Jordan Kennedy, Langara nursing student said. “It brings me a lot of joy that I otherwise wouldn’t have due to the stressful requirements of my program.”

Sonia Virdi, nursing student, said she and her friends didn’t know the table was there until last week when they came to the LSU to play foosball. She said they were excited to see air hockey and she thinks the new table is awesome.

Virdi said it is simple to get the equipment for the games.

LSU is accomodating

“You have to give your student ID up at the LSU office and they give you whatever you ask for – ping pong, foosball or air hockey.”

She said so far they have never had to wait for any equipment and that it’s always available when they have wanted it.

Harman Buttar, finance management student, said the air hockey table is a great way to be social and meet new people. He said it refreshes him and his friends.

Tiffany Ling, nursing student, said normally they would just be sitting on the chairs doing nothing and having the air hockey is definitely a lot more fun and interactive.

“A lot of the time I go through my day feeling that I can’t really cut loose or have a good time and that makes me want to go and do things like get really wasted, and I feel having this around takes away some of that,” Kennedy said as he took a break from his game of air hockey.


Watch how students unwind at Langara. Video by Kera Skocylas.

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