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Vancouver Park Board offers new golf app

New golf app is free for golfers who want a digital scorecard.
New golf app is free for golfers who want a digital scorecard. Photo by Edrick Dudang.

A new free smartphone app improves the golfing experience for Vancouver golfers.

VanGolf, a free new app made by the Vancouver Park Board, has now accumulated more than 1,500 users since its launch on Mar. 12.

The popular app has many convenient functions for golfers, including a built-in score card and GPS functionality to locate distances between different points on a game, said Alex Doucette, golf operations manager of the Langara Golf Course Pro Shop.

“One of the really cool features is that it has a booking engine attached to it so people can actually use [VanGolf] to book tee times,” he said. Doucette adds that it’s a lot more simpler than booking times on their personal computer.

App does more than just track scores

The app also helps golf parks efficiently broadcast their availability to their customers.

“On a quiet day, if there’s a block of open times, then [VanGolf would send a notice] to all the app users letting them know that there’s some availability that they otherwise wouldn’t have known about,” Doucette said.

He adds that VanGolf will be integrated to a proposed live leaderboard in the Langara Clubhouse this summer.  The board would broadcast the players who played the best in the week, but would only apply to VanGolf users, Doucette said.

Technical issues won’t slow app down 

The app is available on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry phones, but it only works on the McCleery, Fraserview and Langara golf courses.

While VanGolf is an overall success, it does suffer from some technical issues. Golfer Declan Sweeney said that the app makes it difficult to transfer booking times from one course to another.  He scheduled a booking time at McCleery’s golf course, but when he wanted to transfer to Langara’s course the app did not work as intended.

Despite this issue, Sweeney said this is his only complaint to the new app and said he would continue to use VanGolf.

Download the app for iPhone or Android.

Reported by Edrick Dudang 

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