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Ugly Christmas sweaters making it jingle this season



Vintage clothing store F as in Frank, has over 5000 ugly Christmas sweaters in the Vancouver store on Main St., Nov. 30, 2016. - LAUREN BOOTHBY PHOTO
Vintage clothing store F as in Frank has more than 5,000 ugly Christmas sweaters in the Vancouver store on Main St. Photo by Lauren Boothby.

Reported by Lauren Boothby 

When it comes to Christmas sweaters, the uglier the better.

From thrift shop finds to expensive new designs, they are back this holiday season. Ugly Christmas sweaters have increased in popularity the last few years.

Vancouverites still love the classic, ugly Christmas sweater

Ashleigh Hawrysh Haier, manager at F as in Frank on Main St., suspects the popularity comes from a fascination with novelty items in North America. She said customers spend a long time looking for one of their vintage sweaters that is the “right” kind of ugly.

“Getting the perfect fit and the right colour…the right amount of glitter or sequins […] They’re putting that much effort into something they’re probably only going to wear once, ” she said.

Matea Cumpf, a Langara design student, bought a Drake Christmas sweater last year around the time his song Hotline Bling was released.

Christmas sweater for sale at Salvation Army off Main St. on 12th Ave. Photo  Lauren Boothby.

“I feel like it just brings out the [Christmas] spirit more,” Cumpf said. “[Christmas sweaters] are never going to go out of trend, because they’re so bad it’s good.”

She thinks ugly sweaters can be icebreakers at parties over the Holidays.

“I think it’s a good theme because you can start conversation topics easily based on peoples’ sweaters,” Cumpf said.

The sweaters can come with a hefty price tag

While they can be funny, Martha Salas, a Langara arts and science student, said they are too expensive to buy and only wear once.

“They’re a bit over-priced,” she said. “I honestly don’t like the designs. I know they’re called “ugly” sweaters, but I still don’t like to wear them.”

The trend of ugly Christmas sweaters in not appealing to everyone

Brian Tam, a sociology student at Langara, is also not convinced.

“Why don’t you have just a normal Christmas sweater? Why does it need to have a dead reindeer on it?” he said. “If somebody invited me to an ugly Christmas sweater party, I would be like, why do you have so much time on your hands to organize a party specifically for one piece of clothing?” he said.


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