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UBC’s second annual BikeRave draws hundreds for bright race

Bikers look to flash out their wheels and wear 3D glasses for Bike Rave 2.0. Submitted photo.
Bikers flash out their wheels and wore 3D glasses for Bike Rave 2.0 at UBC on Mar. 21. Submitted photo.

The wheels rolled out as the second annual UBC BikeRave 2.0 was held by students at UBC’s Walter C. Koerner Library plaza on March 21.

The event kicked off with a swarm of students on bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards and anything on wheels thundering down a planned route. The riders were decked out in bright colours, neon lights, glow sticks and blasting loud music.

The event had five stops mapped out along the route where the riders would dismount and take 20 to 30 minute breaks. During these breaks the cyclists danced to music being played by a travelling DJ. He rode in a customized wooden carriage being pulled by a cyclist, while volunteers dispensed Red Bull refreshments. The final rave took place at the Koerner Library plaza.

One of a kind bike race

“It’s an incredible event, we started it last year,” said Brandon Parker, one of the organizers of UBC BikeRave 2.0. “It’s something different. It’s something fun and it sort of connects that sustainability with having a tonne of fun on campus. Faster bikes, more lights.”

Josh Compagna, another organizer of the event, said the bike rave is to build campus spirit and to bring students together while building cycling culture.

Race drew hundreds of participants

More than 400 people signed up for the event on Facebook. The plan is to create a legacy for the event at UBC and to see it grow every year. It was open to anyone in the public.

Volunteers collected liability waivers and handed out stamps to participants at a check-in station.

There was also a decorating station for bicycles where neon glow sticks were handed out and taped onto the spokes.

“Hopefully [it] will integrate people into the cycling culture, who at first, might be a little off-put by the sort of rigours of cycling around Vancouver,” said Compagna.

Reported by Lukasz Jonca

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