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The HUB offers wellness kits just in time for exams


Reported by Kristyn Anthony

The HUB at Langara was busy Monday morning as students were invited to build their own wellness kits to combat the stress of exam week.

Volunteers from Langara’s office for student engagement set up in the foyer of Building A, where students lined up to receive a selection of donated items – everything from razors and deodorant to condoms and chicken soup.

More recognition from students

Free goods for students to build their wellness kits, on Nov.28, 2016. Photo by Kristyn Anthony

Maggie Stewart is the co-ordinator of VOLT, part of the team behind yesterday’s giveaway. Now in its second year, she said the program is getting more popular every year.

“The kits are made up of 20 or so assorted items related to wellness,” Stewart said. “Everything that should keep you nice and safe and well during the exam season.”

This year Tampax and Gillette returned as sponsors while Secret and Old Spice chipped in for the first time. The hot ticket item, however, was the hand held stress balls, designed with emoji faces.

“We’re just really grateful to have the support to make this possible,” said Stewart.

Free goods a great help for students

Lisa Alkaff, a social service worker student was at the front of the line, where she said many students were grateful for the free loot.

“I’m feeling stressed and a bit overwhelmed and any little thing helps,” she said. “I think it’s a really great program to help students take the edge off a little bit.”

Nursing student Selina Do stopped by with a group of friends on their way to study for an exam. She said they weren’t aware of the event, but were happy to have stumbled upon it.

“We’re all stoked, but I’m the most excited for the tissues. I have a runny nose right now, so these will be helpful.”

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