Opinion: Tampons should be available in both men’s and women’s washrooms

Not providing tampons in men's washrooms excludes trans men, says reporter Chelsea Liu


By Chelsea Liu

Providing menstrual hygiene products in men’s washrooms should be just as normal in women’s washrooms.

Talk around free tampons and pads being provided in women’s washrooms have attracted a large number of supporters, but there is little to no talk around the products being available in men’s washrooms.

Having menstrual products readily available shouldn’t be categorized by gender. It should be accessible to anyone who needs them, and this includes transgender and non-binary individuals.

Transgender roles need normalization

Normalizing transgender males who have periods would help these men live their authentic selves, not bound to an outer identity, which is the purpose of transitioning in the first place.

Because I am not a transgender man, I reached out to some.  Most transgender men I interviewed  were sick and tired of always being asked about their personal biology. No one would ask a cisgender person that.

When constantly asked about what it means or how it feels to transition, it undermines their authenticity, and continues to remind them that they will never just be male.

Having tampons and pads in both men’s and women’s washrooms is an effective way to normalize periods for all genders.

It takes the taboo out of periods. It takes the joke out of periods. Having a period isn’t something that a person should feel the need to hide, and asking for a tampon or pad shouldn’t be an embarrassing act.

Provided menstrual hygiene products are something we should see more commonly, and should be something we see without an extra thought.

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