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Studio 58 grad part of Royal Canadian Theatre Company’s 10th anniversary play



Cast members of It was a Dark and Stormy Night, part of the Royal Canadian Theatre Company’s 10th anniversary. Photo: Submitted by Ellie King

Reported by Melanie Green

The Royal Canadian Theatre Company is celebrating their 10th anniversary by performing the play, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, at the Metro Theatre from Oct. 20 to Oct. 22.

Director Ellie King founded the travelling theatre company in 2006, the name being a result of a joke between friends.

The play’s first showing at the Surrey Arts Centre marked a decade for RCTC as a travelling theatre company, with the company launching a rebranding in where they want to expand the theatre company as well as offering professional mentorships.

King said she plans to program strictly comedy for two years. “I think we need a damn good laugh these days,” she said.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, was published by Tim Kelly in 1988. It is supposed to be a silly piece, meant to poke fun at old, spooky Hollywood movies and universal themes, according to King.

The play is about a storm forcing several strangers into a haunted inn with a crazed killer.

Langara’s Studio 58 grad Steven Weller is part of the ensemble cast of It was a Dark and Stormy Night. Photo: Melanie Green

Director compares process to giving birth

Steven Weller, a graduate of Langara College’s Studio 58 program, is playing eccentric female, Hepzibah.

Having worked with King in the past, Weller said, “[She] creates a framework and characters find moments within it,” adding that it is sometimes difficult for less experienced actors, in a mixed professional production to do so.

King describes her role of director as being like a midwife. “The actor and the author are the parents. I help them give birth to the baby, the performance,” said King.

“Every single person has brought an idea, a choice, something to the production. That’s the midwife role. You’re creating this. I’m not.”

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